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If your pet is suffering from a bacterial or fungal skin condition, using a product like ketochlor shampoo can significantly treat it. Nootie Animal Health is proud to have conquered the long time problem of medicated products having an offensive odor. By combining our non-irritating fragrance technology with our medicated ketochlor shampoo benefits, we provide the most effective and best smelling keochlor shampoo on the market. If you want to introduce a new and better grooming product line to your local clients, you can do so by becoming an exclusive supplier of ketochlor shampoo products made by Nootie Animal Health.

Ketochlor shampoo is a medicated antiseptic, antiseborrheal shampoo that contains ingredients that aid in treating skin conditions. This kind of shampoo is not only for dogs; it can also be used for cats and horses of any age. If you have patients who are looking to effectively treat their pet’s skin condition, you can recommend Nootie Animal Health’s products like ketochlor shampoo.


Skin problems are among the most common complaints of pet owners. Signs of skin problems in dogs include excessive scratching and biting, constant whining and a foul odor. A change in behavior can also be a sign of skin problems among pets. This is why veterinarians ask about little changes in behaviors among pets because this can help during diagnosis.

Allergies are among the most common causes of dog skin problems. Dogs can be naturally sensitive to pollen, dust mites and other air pollutants. The presence of fleas also contributes to a worsening skin condition in dogs. When a dog has flea infestation, they have a tendency to scratch and bite their skin which causes open wounds and bleeding. Products like ketochlor shampoos are among the best medicated grooming solutions for bad skin condition among pets. Nootie Animal Health has an entire product line to meet these needs!


As a veterinarian, recommending only the best products to your loyal clients create many benefits for you. You get to develop a reputation as a source of effective pet care products. This positive feedback is often passed around via word of mouth so expect your client base to grow. Pet owners will look uto you as a reliable supplier of products that are proven effective in improving their pet’s skin condition. Nootie Animal Health has created its own line of ketochlor shampoo. What sets our products apart is the fact that aside from being effective in eliminating skin problems in pets, it also smells good. Be the kind of veterinarian that everyone depends on. Become a dealer of Nootie Animal Health products now!